Conceria Cadore processes cowhides mainly for the furniture sector . The raw material is transformed into comfortable and modern furnishings thanks to the skilful hand of the designer or the craftsman who will be able to enhance every feature of our products. Thanks to their versatility, the use of processed leathers can also be used for leather goods, the automotive sector and the footwear sector.

The watchword is customization and for this there is a wide choice . Each item is offered with different colors, textures and grains, ranging from the economic range to the high end.


Adige is a natural grain bovine leather on plain colour. Hand is rich and creamy with a silky feel. The saturated monochromatic colours give homogeneity to

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Asiago is a natural grain bovine leather on plain colour. The peculiarity of this item is a special finishing that conveys a nubuck look-a-like appearance and

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Aurora is a pre-embossed semi-grain bovine leather on plain colour. Intense and rich monochromatic colours provide a compact and modern appearance. It features an elegant semi-glossy

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Danubio is a natural grain bovine leather on plain colour. It features a full matte appearance and superior colour uniformity. The surface is rubbery and soft

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Gange is a natural grain bovine leather on plain colour. It’s characterized by a completely water-based finishing that creates a delightful soft and rubbery feel. The

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Madras is a real classic. It’s an embossed bovine leather characterized by a completely water-based finishing. The semi-matte surface is fantastically soft and confirms the

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Nature is a natural grain bovine leather available on plain colour or slightly two-tone. It’s finished with a superior colour uniformity enhanced by a magnificent medium

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